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If you want to get going right away, setting up an existing TV as a digital movie poster frame is a simple, 3-step process. For more detailed steps, read the full DIY Digital Display guide.

note: This guide includes Amazon affiliate links for recommended products.Thanks for your support!

step 1: Add a streaming device to your TV if you don’t already have one.


First, you’ll need an Android-based streaming device. You may already have one. You most likely cannot use your Smart TV’s built-in features unless it can access the full Google Play app store to download a specific slideshow app. Most can’t. However, Amazon Fire TV sticks and Google Chromecasts are perfect for this, and only run about $45 for the 4K models. Treat yo'self.

step 2: Get access to the Movie Posters Perfected library.

Visit the Get Access page to sign up for access to our epic, cloud-based library of over 3,600 movie posters. As soon as you sign up with a Google or Gmail account, you’ll be notified via email that the poster library has been shared with you.

step 3: Download a slideshow app and connect it to the live library.


We recommend using gFolio for Google Drive because it can connect directly to the Movie Posters Perfected library on Google Drive. Sign in to the slideshow app using the same Google account you used to get access to the library. In the app’s settings, set the Starting Folder to the “Movie Posters Perfected folder in the “Shared with Me” folder. For complete instructions, read the Software Setup section of the DIY Digital Display guide.

That's it! You’re connected to an epic, living library of 4K movie posters that will stream directly to your TV—with new posters added automatically.

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