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Access to Movie Posters Perfected is very simple and very fair: one unreasonably-low price of $20 for lifetime access. No recurring monthly subscriptions, no tiered memberships, no download credits, no kidding.

If you think the library is worth more than that, you’re welcome to donate an amount over $20 during checkout—and we appreciate your extra support in helping offset hosting costs and continuing to develop Movie Posters Perfected.

With access, you’ll enjoy a library where: 

 every poster is available in ultra-high definition (4K or higher resolution)

 poster black levels have been calibrated especially for oled displays

 many posters have been retouched to restore & perfect their quality

 the collection is live in the cloud & regularly updated with new poster art

important note: Access to the Movie Poster Perfected library requires a Google or Gmail account. Since the library lives on Google Drive, you’ll need a Google account to access the folder. Many people already have a Google account, but if you don’t, it’s free and easy to sign up for one, even if you just use it to access the library.

Once you’ve completed the check-out process, you’ll be notified via email that you’ve been granted access to the Movie Posters Perfected Google Drive folder. You’ll also receive instructions on what to do next so you can start enjoying the library right away. Thank you for supporting Movie Posters Perfected! We’ll see you at the movies.

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